27 comments on “Resolved: Problem with Samsung Galaxy S3 answering calls by itself

  1. This was EXTREMELY HELPFUL. I kept having my calls andwered without touching my phone and realized this had to be an issue. I too heard a voice saying hello hello. MAJOR issue…. This definitely helped

  2. Thank you so much for posting this!! My phone was doing this and I was about to call my service provider and demand them to send me a new phone.

  3. There is another setting to change besides the setting in S Voice, although that was a significant setting change. If you use any type of connected Bluetooth device then you must go into phone settings and change the “Call answering/ending” feature too

  4. This is probably great if you’re on ice cream sandwich, but my s3 just updated to jelly bean, so there is no VOICE in settings from the home screen. grrrr

    • There was no voice setting on my jelly bean phone either. Go to apps, choose S-Voice, then press the menu button. That should give you settings. From there it is called Control Apps (Use voice commands to control device). You can turn them off there.

    • I was having the same problem. Tap your home button twice to bring up “S Voice” and from their you should be able to hit your menu button to bring up S Voice settings. At that point turn off the menu item titled “Control apps.” PRONTO!

  5. Thank you so much, for the life of me I could not figure it out and T-Mobile suggested that I do a reset to the phone losing data and other personal effects. No I feel 100% better that, the phone will not answer on it’s own forcing me to speak to someone who I probly did not want to at that moment.

  6. Thank you for info, I too had the same problem with my S3 answering by itself, it was a very easy fix. Thanks again

  7. press middle button twice to open Svoice then click menu button to get to the settings. then turn off “control apps”

  8. Can anyone help me why i dont have Voice cmd for apps on my S3 mini? anything else works just fine but i cant answer reject calls or shot photo with voice :/

  9. OMG! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH! It was driving me insane! And everytime I asked someone, I was getting laughed at. Someone told me to get an iPhone! This was the answer I needed! Not an iPhone! :)

  10. Thank You so much my coworkers were just asking me the other day why my phone did this while at work and phone was left alone on desk… Especially since my call settings automatic answering was turned off we thought it was the weirdest thing and of course my service provider had no ideah what the problem was and as always their solution was a master reset smh so thank you so much PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

  11. Thanks, this has been driving me crazy. Another thing to note: If you tap voice cmd for apps rather than the on/off slider, you can turn off the phone answer part by itself so you can still control music and other stuff.

  12. My mother heard me talking about her saying bad things of her because this stupid phone answered itself. Thank you.

  13. I have takimg out the voice cmd for apps but the problem is still persistinfg ! I have even reset my phone but nothing please help :(

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